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Like the Tibetan monks creating temporary sand mandalas for meditating and releasing their healing powers, create your own temporary art using a Buddha Board.

At the time I bought my Buddha Board I wasn’t thinking about meditation or healing powers, I saw it as a way to practice sumi-e brush strokes without using ink. It is a wonderful tool for not only does it save money and mess, it also enables me to practice brush strokes many times so that when I come to use ink I get it right.

However, the Buddha Board is much more than a practice tool. It can be a mindfulness meditation tool too if you use it as a way to release stress, find peace and get into complete zen mode. Art has long been known for its meditative and healing qualities and research indicates that the creative process behind art helps reduce anxiety and improve quality of life overall. Like mindfulness meditation the Buddha Board enables you to live in the moment. Using only plain water and a brush you can really go wild but you have to paint quickly as the motifs last for approximately a minute, then they slowly disappear leaving a clean board and clear mind ready to start again. If you want to keep them, consider taking a photograph. See some Buddha Board art at the bottom of this post.

Buddha Board info:

Contents of the box:

Buddha Board

stand and water tank


user manual (English)

Buddha Boards size: 24 x 30 cm, 5 mm thick

Brush size: 22 cm

The stand and the size of the water tank: 11 x 15.5 x 4 cm

The weight of the stand and the water tank: 140 grams Buddha Boards size: 24 x 30 cm, 5 mm thick Buddha Boards weight: 262 grams Although the Board comes with its own reasonably good brush, I use a variety of new brushes to get different results. You cannot use brushes which have been used for ink or the Board will be ruined. It is also environmentally friendly as it only uses water—no ink, no paint, no chemicals.

Meet the maker of the Buddha Board


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