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Photo-haiku is the combination of a photograph and a haiku poem. It originated in Japan from haiga which is the combination of a painting and haiku.

The words and photo succinctly allow readers to enjoy the experience of the moment that the writer /photographer experienced.

Each element of a photo-haiku inspires and informs the other, though neither the haiku or photograph describes or defines the other. In other words, the haiku should not be a description of the photograph. It should add an extra element, a twist or unexpected aspect to the composition.

A haiku paired with a photograph seeks to bring out more fully the beauty and meaning of each art form.

The photo-haiku below have all won awards from the International Photo-Haiku Contest

ZenArtStudio runs a course in Photo-haiku if you would like to know more. The course consists of a workbook and a one-to-one zoom lesson for 20 euros. here.

Find more examples of photo-haiku in the links below.


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