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Beginner's ink painting set.  The small brushes are suitable for children.  Adults will eventually have to buy a separate set of brushes.

4 brushes
Small size inkstone width 7cm length 9cm
Small water tank, 4cm

Inkpad, 4.5cm.
Porcelain paintbrush rest length 4.7cm height 2.8cm
Small size Qingtian stone seal 1 bottom edge length 1.6cm height 6cm
Ink stick

Material: The calligraphy materials outer box is made of high-grade brocade box. Needs to be stored in a dry place.

Outer box size: length 15CM width 21CM height 4CM (manual measurement or error is subject to actual product)


Product Image:


Ink Painting Beginner Set

SKU: CJYD1587986-1
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