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Product information:

Color classification: 6 basic red gift boxes, 12 commonly used red gift boxes, send pen curtains, 17 traditional Chinese painting masters, high-end gift boxes
Pen specifications: joint pen
Pen material: Jianhao pen

High quality: professional high-quality brush; straight and solid wooden handle; a sling. Exquisite craftsmanship, every artist should have a set!
Chinese calligraphy, Chinese characters, Japanese Su American brushes, please read the detailed information in the picture, regular writing of large, medium and small characters. Chinese calligraphy brushes are traditional Chinese writing and painting tools.
Professional Chinese calligraphy, Japanese ink and Chinese characters, writing, painting, painting and watercolor painting. Suitable for landscape painting, realistic painting, watercolor painting, flower and bird painting, bamboo and leaf ink painting, fish ink painting, ink ink watercolor painting, ordinary writing and cursive writing.
Very easy to clean and durable; just place them in hot water to wash off the paint, then gently reshape the bristles of the brush with your fingers

Packing list:

S:6 pieces: including 6 sets of brushes, no bamboo brush holder
M:12 pieces: including 6 sets of brushes + 1 bamboo brush holder
L:17 pieces: including 17 sets of brushes + 1 bamboo brush holder + gift box

Chinese Painting Brush Set

SKU: CJJT1243580-1
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