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Emma has a diverse professional background rooted in her passion for creativity and education. She studied graphic design at The Creative University in the UK, and holds certificates in sumi-e ink painting (LAC) and nature photography (UCF). Her pursuit of knowledge led her to post-graduate studies, including a Masters of Education (MU), a Masters in Educational Leadership (UC), and master studies in Visual Arts Practice - Teaching Artist (USWS). Additionally, Emma has initial teaching qualifications in primary education (DCE and US).

During her battle with chronic illness, Emma discovered the transformative power of Zen arts on health and healing. This realization motivated her to combine Zen studies with a Certificate in Arts and Health (UT) and a Certificate in Psychology of Art and Creativity (UCF). She integrates her art practice with tai chi qigong shibashi, harnessing its potential to boost creative energy and facilitate healing. In 2015, Emma obtained her Shibashi instructor's certificate (SS&L), followed by a meditation certificate (UCF). More recently, she pursued studies on 'Flower Arrangements in China and Japan' through Tsinghua University's online program.

As a teacher, Emma's primary passion has been teaching English, art, and outdoor studies in schools. Prior to focusing on Zen arts full-time, she served as a university lecturer, teacher trainer, and advisor for students with additional needs. Emma has taught in various countries, including Canada, Australia, Scotland, and Norway. Her thirst for knowledge continues to drive her, and she is currently studying Japanese Calligraphy, Ikebana, and Zen as a spiritual practice. Emma is also the co-author and photographer of nine walking guides published by Frifot Forlag. Her artwork, haiga, haibun and haiku has been published in many journals.  Commissioned work:  three book covers for Ribbons for the Tanka Society of America.  To explore Emma's published work, please visit the page here.

Affiliations:  International Haiku Association, Tokyo, Japan
                      Qigong Institute, Qigong Teachers and Therapists

                      International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy member

Universities and colleges:                                        
LAC -  London Art College, UK
UCF - University of Central Florida, USA
MU – University of Manchester, UK
UC – University of Canberra, Australia

USWS - University of South West Scotland

DCE - Dundee College of Education
US - University of Stirling
UT – University of Tasmania, Australia

SS&L - Somerset Skills and Learning

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