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'When the mind looks at the world deeply, it is possible to see aspects of nature that are normally hidden from us.  ‘Here opens to the artist a world full of wonders and miracles’  Suzuki

I’m a Scottish-Norwegian artist, teacher, writer and avid walker who loves to explore nature.  It is nature’s beauty and wonder that inspires me to create art.  I use ink, water-colours and photography to create sumi e, mandalas and wabi sabi art which I often incorporate into my haiku to create haiga.  Traditional techniques are often combined with digital. 

The main goal of my work is to honour nature, to embrace simplicity and to continually learn more about myself and the natural world through zen arts.  I hope Zen Arts Studio will help raise awareness of how zen arts and nature can help others thrive as well as provide encouragement to anyone who wants to start their own zen arts practice.  

My own personal experience with Zen arts has given me:

  • a deeper connection to nature

  • more joy in my life

  • improved self-expression

  • increased concentration and focus

  • a more peaceful mind

  • a deeper insight into my feelings about nature

  • increased energy

  • increased creativity

Find out more about my professional background.



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